Guide 7 Steps to Being a Phenomenal Woman

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7 Steps to Being a Phenomenal Woman [Erica J. Maxwell] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After taking the journey to find your personal​.
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Maya Angelou - A "Phenomenal Woman"

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7steps to flawless communication

Do you want to be a 7steps Teacher? You take the red pill you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. You take the blue pill the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. As a 7steps Prelude Teacher you get. ONE 7steps to Abundance class Live or online. Once you have signed the agreement, you are on your way…You will be contacted by a member of the 7steps Team to schedule your Bridging the Gap Business Training Interview. As a 7steps Business Trainer you get.

For in-house corporate trainers royalty fees are included in the purchase fees of participant packages. You may pay the fee and keep your license current as long as you have scheduled and attend your renewal class requirement within 4 months of license renewal date, Your license will automatically expire if you have not paid your renewal fee or signed up and paid for renewal prerequisites. For detailed information contact us at team 7steps. Book Presentation - 7 Steps to Flawless Communication.

Salvador, Brazil. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nagoya, Japan. Kass Thomas travels the world facilitating and training people who are ardently seeking to create more in their lives and businesses.

She teaches classes and workshops, conducts interviews, consults with businesses and facilitates private sessions. A motivational and dynamic speaker, her ability to lead people into being greater versions of themselves, is phenomenal. Kass Thomas continually encourages people to use their unique brand of magic so they can create magic and miracles for themselves, and for everyone they interact with.

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Please consult a medical professional if you are experiencing illness, depression, anxiety, mood swings or any concerns whatsoever. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. About the classes About Corporate Training Want the book? Want to Teach 7steps? Find the next event. What is 7steps? Transforming ordinary encounters into an explosion of infinite possibilities 7steps by Kass Thomas is a unique approach to communication designed to optimize your success when it comes to relating to others with ease.

What do the Level I Training sessions entail? Level 1 — sessions 1- 4 Level 1 - session 1 Presentation, explanation, interaction hours [read more The session includes interactive demonstrations and exercises to allow participants the opportunity to practice using the steps in a variety of scenarios. All the time this is going on they are also being segregated out of everyday life and being denied ordinary, obviously desirable experiences such as work, play, income, friends and intimacy. In a great many parts of our society people with disabilities are also being selected for death.

Today doctors regularly use amniocentesis to discover Down Syndrome ….. Others are denied ordinary health care or important services, leading to death from treatable infections, starvation, etc.

How Activist Meena Harris Is Empowering Future Generations of Women—Including Her Daughters

Many years ago I started to ponder how one society could value one physical and mental state so highly that people would put their children through torture to ensure they attained it while another would value the same state so negatively that it would kill any children if possible if they happened to develop it.

Even more important to me, I began to try to figure out how people could be persuaded that disability is not a threat. Although disability may be viewed as negative itself that does not mean that the people who are disabled could not be seen as also embodying other possibilities. On the other hand is disability so negative as to have no redeeming qualities to celebrate. Here is an important clue I had. People who know a person with a handicap very well, someone such as a parent, sibling or a family friend, will often say about that individual that they are a wonderful person and that this was not apparent to them at first.

He is attending a neighbourhood high school. His support circle publishes a newsletter for family and friends to tell of his goings-on. In a recent edition of his newsletter the support worker made a point of saying how unexpectedly enjoyable her time with him has been. My point is both that people virtually always discover something that brings them pleasure when they get to know someone who is labeled handicapped and that this pleasurable discovery virtually always comes as a genuine surprise. But when we meet new people in general we usually do discover something about them that we like.

Hardly ever do we hate everything about someone both on first meeting and after getting to know them better. So why are people so surprised by this discovery when confronted by a person who is called handicapped? By following this question I came to this realization. Everyone is gifted. This realization is partly masked from us because we usually think of gifts as being extraordinary qualities. We think that only a few people have them.

But giftedness is actually a common human trait, one that is fundamental to our capacity and need to be creatures of community. Gifts are our capacities to create opportunities for ourselves and others to interact and do things together, things that have mutual meaning. Our presence is the fundamental gift that we bring to the human community.

Presence is the foundation of all other opportunities and interactions, of everything that is meaningful. In addition to our presence each of us has a grab bag of other ordinary gifts that allow for us to create and participate in daily opportunities. From getting up, making breakfast, washing dishes or loading a dishwasher, talking on a telephone, writing on a piece of paper, listening to another person, getting from one place to another, enjoying some music, expressing an opinion, going to a meeting, playing with a baby or having fun with a friend, a variety of simple activities taking place in ordinary places on ordinary streets make up the fabric of the vast majority of our work, family life, private life and public contribution.

Beyond ordinary giftedness there is extraordinary giftedness, the kind that extends opportunity for interaction and meaning to a larger number and variety of people. Each person has a variety of ordinary and extraordinary gifts.

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The people whom we call handicapped are people who are missing some typical ordinary gifts. However such people also have a variety of other ordinary and extraordinary gifts capable of stimulating interaction and meaning with others. Seeing disability somehow prevents us from seeing the gifts in a person, at least at first.