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A Better Tomorrow is a Hong Kong action film directed by John Woo, and starring Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-fat. The film had a profound.
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For A Better Tomorrow FBT promotes social justice by meeting needs in the local community and the world through accountable, sustainable philanthropy and by nurturing future generations of servant leaders. FBT believes in hope and hope for a better tomorrow. FBT demonstrates in thought and action a firm commitment to social justice and diversity. The main character of Sung Tse-Ho is played by the excellent Ti lung. Yun Fat plays the more flamboyant in the beginning of the movie at least Mark Gor, who unfortunately does overshadow both Ti Lung and co-star Leslie Cheung, who is also good but is quite annoying as the whiney Sung Tse-Kit.

Originally the production company did not want to hire Chow Yun Fat. At this point, Yun Fat had only done a few movies, all considerably lower budget fare, and none of them financially successful. Audiences had thought at the time there was no point in paying money to see Chow Yun Fat in the cinema when you could see him for free on television each week. Luckily Woo stuck to his laurels, Yun Fat was cast, and a star was made. The main plot revolves around gangsters Sung Tse-Ho and Mark Gor, whose organisations main operation is the printing and distribution of counterfeit currency.

Ho has a younger brother Kit, who is a police officer in training. Ho keeps his criminal activities a secret from his younger brother. Ho decides that his next job in Taiwan will be his last.

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On the job he brings along gangster apprentice Shing Waise Lee. The job turns out to be a trap, and Ho is forced to give himself up to the police in order for Shing to escape. In order to keep Ho quiet, the gang from Taiwan send someone to kidnap his father. In the ensuing struggle, which also involves Kit and his girlfriend, their father is murdered. For retribution Mark decides to confront the gang. In one of the most famous scenes from the movie, Chow Yun Fat places guns within plant pots in the lobby of the restaurant.

Once the shootout begins, he recollects his guns to save him from reloading. This scene went on to be copied in numerous action film, and not just ones from Hong Kong. This leads to a number of violent confrontations.

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Those who know Woo more for The Killer and Hard Boiled may be disappointed at the scale of the action, as there are no action scenes with the scope of the Church shootout from The Killer or the hospital set finale of Hard Boiled. This is not to diminish the action scenes included in A Better Tomorrow. There are three main action scenes in the movie, with smaller skirmishes also taking place, but they are more spaced out in the movie.

A Better Tomorrow is more an action drama than a full on action movie. As mentioned before, the main performances from the three leads are great, with Chow Yun Fat standing out in his star making role. Waise lee makes an impression as the slimy Shing, the villain of the movie. Woo also has a cameo appearance as a cop. Only actress Emily Chu is wasted in the thankless girlfriend role. There are a number of scenes and themes used in A Better Tomorrow that Woo would continue to use throughout his career.

Although there are no doves, there is some religious iconography used in the film. Loyalty and the brotherly bond between characters is also something which he has continued to focus on. Some people sometimes view this as somewhat homo-erotic. This could also be due to his characters seemingly being more comfortable around men, than women.

There have been notable exceptions perhaps, but these are in the minority in most of his films. There are also scenes that Woo would revisit. In one scene, when Mark, Ho and Shing are at a bar, Mark tells Shing a story of being confronted by someone who pointed a gun at his head and tried to force his to drink his piss. The soundtrack for the movie has also become iconic, but like other Hong Kong movies incorporates music from other movies.

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Years later Walter Hill would try to return the favour by working on an American remake of The Killer. John Woo and Tsui Hark would both go on to bigger and better movies, but A Better Tomorrow still manages to stand out from the crowd, and even after 30 years is still in most peoples 10 best Hong Kong movies of all time lists. Regarding the previously mentioned The Bund. The movie starred Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau.

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For fans of A Better Tomorrow and heroic bloodshed movies I would definitely recommend it. Set a number of years after the first movie, A Better Tomorrow 2 works as a direct sequel to the original, and also as a pastiche to the many copy cat films that arrived in its wake.

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The return of Chow Yun Fat is one of the silliest aspects of the film, and one that places the movie in a kind of hyper reality, much removed from the original film. This time round Fat plays Ken Gor, identical brother to Mark Gor, his character from the first movie. It is good that he is back, even if his character does feel shoehorned in.

This does mean that there is some unintentional hilarity by some of the poor acting by the westerners in the film. This is when Hong Kong productions seemed to pick any white guy off the street to be in their movie. As well as this some of the English dialogue delivered by Chow Yun Fat seems to be done phonetically, so is a bit jarring in some scenes. This time round he is permitted early parole on the condition that he spies on his old mentor Lung Sei, played by Dean Shek.

The authorities suspect that Lung Sei is involved in counterfeiting. Ho initially declines the offer of parole, but changes his mind when he finds out Kit; his younger brother is also involved in the case. His daughter is murdered; he has a psychological breakdown, survives numerous assassination attempts and gets shot multiple times in the blood soaked finale. Unfortunately Shek is guilty in the film of going over the top, especially when his character has his breakdown.

This means there is a lot less of Cheung whining, and more of him being a bit of a bad ass. He takes part in quite a few of the films action scenes, which Woo directs here with a much more sure hand than the previous entry.

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