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Translations in context of "a mind-body-spirit" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: I To keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and in shape. Можно наконец воссоединиться со своим телом, разумом, душой. to health care that recognizes the relationship between mind, spirit, body and community, and.
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Magic is very simple when you balance your mind , body , and spirit right on the razor's edge.

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Our Full Body Sensual Massage Therapy offers you sublime benefits to your whole body , mind and spirit The Church is founded on a set of beliefs about mind , body , and spirit that are referred to collectively as Scientology. Humanity takes center stage at TED, but I would like to add a voice for the animals, whose bodies and minds and spirits shaped us. This program is conceptualized on use of the Arts which serves as a therapeutic means for self expression, healing and maturation of the mind , body and spirit.

Delta remains committed to working with the international community to effectively eliminate discrimination and violence against the girl child, enabling her empowerment in mind , body and spirit. Mind , Body , Spirit , Horror.

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We have no doubt that through such events, sport transcends the barriers of language, politics and religion, and stimulates the body , mind and spirit of athletes who feel part of the global community. The culturally sensitive design elements accommodate an approach to health care that recognizes the relationship between mind , spirit , body and community, and integrates traditional values and concepts with health services.

This process results in the unity of the body , mind and spirit where the entire human system works together in harmony and health just as it was intended to do. In Tashkent was captured and destroyed by In the second half of the 16th century Central Asia. During the early Soviet period, the cathedral was Tashkent was a part of the Bukhara Khanate, and in it was closed and used as a storehouse and garage. In Tashkent was taken in December , the church was returned to believers.

The Orthodox a fact which led to great increase in industry. After Asian metropolitan district of the Russian Orthodox Church. The history of Surgery in Russia has a parallel way with that the Republic of Uzbekistan and in she gained the title of of the other European Countries. The first Hospital in Moscow "Cultural capital of the Islamic world". The member of the personnel was a certain Andrey, a hospital Medicine in Medical and surgical schools were founded morgue attendant who had a personal grudge against Valentine. He used to Orthodox Church19, which caused great turbulence teach topographic anatomy on the corps17, making in the religious cycles of the country in that critic peri- also valuable observations on the pyogenic inflam- od of rapid propagation of dialectic materialism.

Valentin elected to be the new bishop. Order Stalin Prize He accepted God's Will, knowing clearly all the terri- ble dangers that he would face shortly.


Bush, who wrote the first textbook of Surgery in Russian in Church on May 31, The most famous Russian professor of Surgery was N. Pirogov , who separated chairs of topographical anatomy, histology and surgery. He applied Ether anesthesia for the first time in and introduced antisepsis in Russia. He was also inventing the plaster cast, thus saving thousands of soldiers The way to martyrdom from amputation during the Crimean war.

In addition he was the father of osteoplastic and plastic surgery in "I loved Martyrdom, which so Strangely Cleanses Russia. The Moscow surgical society was created in During the Soul" the Great Paatriotic War Russian surgeons con- tributed greatly in operating soldiers at the battlefields and treating millions of wounded people. In the field of Neurosurgery Burdenko, Graschenko Lena Stern are very famous for their pio- Next month on Saturday June 9, bishop neer research and diagnostic methods.

The award ceremonies for the Stalin Prize were held twice per The schism of Renovations, started when priests from year in January and June. In Stalin himself ordered the publi- ful and devoted to Patriarch Tikhon and Russian Orthodox cation of the second edition of his book. On 27th of January , Church. The city of Panjakent, is close to Samarkand. Patriarch , rubles. In a telegram to Stalin, Bishop Luke asked that Tikhon declared the consecration valid immediately.

Stalin accepted the proposals and extended all his gratitude gested him to continue his medical mission and to help the suffer- to Bishop Luke for his benefaction and solidarity to orphans. Patriarch Tikhon December , eventually. Bishop Luke endured the city of Turukhansk25 under unbearable condi- diseases, incredible ceaseless humiliation, repeated tions.

Utopia and Reform in Moscow: N. I. Novikov’s Circle | SpringerLink

Bishop Luke continued to practice surgery at interrogations, extreme hunger, innumerable tortures the small local hospital, without any instrument, apart for the Glory of God peacefully. Patients gathered at In December of he was sent into exile. This Turukhansk, from every district of Siberia, looking for was the first of three times that the bishop Luke was the physician of the soul and body, the good shep- arrested, without any reason and sent into exile, herd, the real bishop in type of Christ.

The first place of exile His preaching activities, as well as his spiritual was Omsk, then Novosibirsk and the town of and moral support to the patients pushed again the Krasnoyarsk in the center of Siberia. Later he was local political authorities to transport him even north- transferred kilometers northwards to the city of ern in the frozen village of Plahin.

In Turukhansk the Yeniseisk Thus the authorities clinic. Very soon he was asked to operate at the hos- were obliged under the public pressure to bring him pital of Yeniseisk, where in he performed suc- back in the hospital of Turukhansk, where he worked cessfully the world's first kidney transplantation from with all his heart for eight months, treating Russians animal calf to man.

In addition he performed oph- and Tungusic patients In the hospital of the city, Bishop same time he examined and treated large number of Luke started, from the first day to proceed in surgical outpatients at the hospital and at his prison, endless- operations and to treat people from various diseases ly. He performed iridectomy, he At the same time he used to teach new surgical removed lacrimal sac, by local anesthesia, he pro- techniques to his colleagues and young doctors, who ceeded to resection of the upper jaw, he performed accepted him with great respect, veneration and large laparotomies, gynecological operations and gratitude for his precious contribution to their medical many other surgical procedures, within the spectrum and surgical qualification.

The inhabitants loved and of the general surgery. Later on, he was transported to the remote village of Khaya on the river Chunya, a tributary of the Angara23, which was the final destination of his exile, The town was founded ment, performing among others ophthalmological in by Cossacks. In tsarist Russia as well as in Soviet period operations However, in the summer, he was taken Turukhansk was recognized as a destination for political exile. They are distinct from Mongols and monastery. Turkic peoples. The largest group of Tungusic peoples are the Manchu people, originated from Manchuria.

Evenks live mostly in Russia in the Baikal region. New York: St. Yeniseyk, founded in , and played an The climate of center of Krasnoyarsk Krai, on the Yenisei River. The population the city is subarctic, with very long and extremely cold winters. According to Anton Chekhov Krasnoyarsk, the third large city in Siberia is the most beautiful The length of the river is 1,km. Angara passing the cities of city. The city was founded in by Russians as a fortress. In Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk, enters the Krasnoyarsk Krai and falls into the 19th century, Krasnoyarsk was the center of the Siberian the Yenisei river.

Cossack movement. In the Tsarist Russia the city was a place of In Khaya Bishop Luke carried out successfully an operation political exile. Krasnoyarsk has the fifth largest hydroelectric on an old man with a cataract, in an abandoned hut, on a narrow power station in the world and the second in Russia.

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Today the bench under the window. He was under- left eye In Archangel remained for six more months, was not given a position in the university of Tashkent treating patients and proceeding to very serious sur- at that time. He was released in the end of , In April Bishop Luke was arrested again on eventually. Then he was transferred to the entitled "Notes on the Surgical Treatment of Purulent city hospital to serve as surgeon and later on he was Wounds ".

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In , a terrible persecution started against the Upon arriving in Archangel he realized that he had Orthodox Church by Yezhov33 who was appointed to live practically homeless. However he performed as head of the Moscow GPU. He operated breast cancer, undertak- humiliation and tortures for 13 days. He went on a Bishop Luke gradually started having serious hunger strike for many days and he has had the health problems, due to unbearable conditions of his experience of multiple tactile and visual hallucina- life in exile.

He suffered from myoskeletal disorders tions. Although the bishop was drained of all strength and developed myocarditis, causing heart insuffi- by the hunger strike and the conveyer belt, he con- ciency. In addition, he developed a benign tumor, tinued to resist and to honor his faith and his princi- which was excised by professor Petrov in Leningrad. It seems to be incredible, but he continued also to treat patients and to help people physically and psycho- logically, having unextinguished mercy of them. The climate is continental with long and very cold winters.

For the retinal detachment bishop Luke was operated by pro- the administrative, social, political, economic, industrial and cul- fessor Odintsov in Moscow. Odintsov at that time applied the sur- tural center of Samara Oblast. It is situated at the confluence of gical method of the Swiss ophthalmologist Prof.

I will never Samara is the sixth largest city in Russia, with a total population do so. It, my ryassa, will be with me to my very death I help people of 1,, inhabitants. At the interrogations, those under arrest were even subjected Rivers. The population of the town is 60, inhabitants. From to torture.

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The cial during the most severe period of Stalin's Great Purge. He was population of the city is For years the area of very powerful but gradually he plunged into alcoholism and was Arkhangelsk has been the subject of rivalry between Norwegian replaced from his post by Beria. On February 2, , Yezhov and Russian interests in the northern seas. The city resisted was tried by the Military Collegium as being spy, terrorist and con- Bolshevik rule from to Arkhangelsk has a typical sub- spirator and he had been condemned to death.

He was shot on arctic climate. He continued the settlement of Bolshaya Murta in the area of his medical practice in the hospitals and completed Krasnoyarsk. As a specialist in purulent surgery, I his essay on the memorable work "The spirit, soul could be of use to the troops at the front or in the and body". Bishop Luke elected Archbishop of Simferopol36 and Crimea. Luke continued to practice pital , in Krasnoyarsk, 5, km from Moscow, surgery and give consultations in the Army Hospital which included ten surgical departments and he and Hospital of the Veterans of the Great Patriotic appointed advisor of all military hospitals of the area.

He proceeded to the most serious surgical St.

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Luke offered his services in that hospital for operations, on severe and unusual cases. He two years. Unfortunate the most severely wounded patients35 and teaching in , St. Luke lost his sight, however he worked continuously young doctors.